Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Science Activities


This Wintery Science Bundle contains 4 great Icy Science Experiments that have the students exploring and engaged all while having fun learning interesting Science Concepts!  Each Activity includes Student Lab Activity pages that follow the Scientific method with follow-up Conclusion questions AND Teacher information pages to help guide you in each activity and make it easier on YOU!
The Bundle Includes:
Threadin' the Ice ( experimenting w/ Ice and Salt)
Keepin' Ice Cool ( experimenting w/different Ice insulators)
Kool-Aid Crystals ( experimenting w/Super Cooling a Liquid)
Snowflake Ornament Science (experimenting w/Borax to make snow crystals)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

School House Rock Science & Social Studies Bundle!

98 Pages for Only 99 Cents!!!!

This Super School House Rock Bundle contains Links to all of the videos, Before Activities, After Activities, and Lyrics that go with each clip for 9 Science Episodes and 9 Social Studies(America) episodes!
Response Acivities & Links for the Following Videos:
  • Weather
  • Nervous System
  • Body
  • Circulation
  • Gravity
  • Electricity
  • Planets
  • Energy
  • Bones

  • I'm Just A Bill
  • Three Ring Government (Branches of Gov.)
  • Fireworks (Declaration of Independence)
  • Mother Necessity (Inventions)
  • No More Kings (Colonization of the New World)
  • Great American Melting Pot
  • Preamble (Constitution)
  • Elbow Room (Westward Expansion)
  • Sufferin til Suffrage (Women's Rights)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

School House Rock: (Science) Response Activities for 9 Episodes!

This Fantastic set of activities fit perfectly with 9 wonderful School House Rock Videos over 9 Science Concepts!
It includes a Link to watch each video, a Pre-engagement activity to do BEFORE viewing the video, follow -up questions for AFTER viewing the video, and Lyrics for each episode so the students can follow along while they watch!
Episodes included:
Nervous System

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Math, Science & Social Studies Scrabble Bundle!

ONLY 75 Cents! (74 pages)
This Unique and Super Fun Scrabble Bundle includes Three great word activities for Math, Science, & Social Studies. ( Over 70 printables)
Click on the link for to view the entire bundle and read a detailed description: