Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to School Science Activities
This Science Activity is absolutely by far the Best First Day/Week Science Activity I have done with my kids! It is very engaging and hooks them from the start!!! They will be measuring colored water using a graduated cylinder and test tubes which will create a very colorful and unique display!!! Super Science Fun!

This lab activity is the perfect way to introduce the scientific process or review it!  It also is a great way to introduce scientific variables in an easy to understand and Sweeeet way!  The students will be testing the dissolving rate of different flavors of life savers using the scientific method and identifying the scientific variables.  A Teacher information sheet is included to make it EASY on you, as well as a student lab activity sheet!
This activity is a great way to introduce mass and how to use a triple beam or scale all while keeping it fun and engaging! The student will be using the steps of the scientific method to observe and record the mass of a piece of gum before and after chewing..easy, easy, but super captivating!

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