Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finding Nemo Complete Science & Literacy Movie Activity Pack!

This Science & Literacy Activity Pack is a fabulous resource to have to go along with the Animated Favorite, Finding Nemo!  It includes activities for the students to complete that go hand in hand with the all of the wonderful references to the Ocean's thriving underwater ecosystem as well as great literacy and writing activities!  There is also a Finding Nemo Lapbook activity as well!
The topics included in this activity pack:
Food Chains
Abiotic and Biotic Factors
Animal Adaptations
Symbiotic relationships
Predator/Prey relationships
Character analysis activities
Plot, Setting and Story elements
Ecosystem Vocabulary
Nemo Poetry
Facts & Opinions
Movie Comparisons and reflections activities

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter Science and Literacy Activities!

An Awesome set of Great Activities to have a little fun with your students while learning Math, Science, & Literacy!
Bundle includes :
  • A PowerPoint All ABout Easter Fun Facts w/a Quiz Game at the end
  • A Story Starter & Art Activity
  • Easter Word Find
  • Easter Quiz answer sheet to go with the Ppt. Quiz Game
  • An Easter bar graphing activity
  • TWO Easter Science Activities that include a Teacher Page & Student Lab Activity Pages (The Bubbling Egg And Mystery of the Floating Egg)
  • An Easter Bunny Glyph!
  • Easter Bunnies in the Basket Dice Game