Saturday, August 24, 2013

Check out this Engaging and Fun Reading Comprehension Activity!- click on the picture above to learn more!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grab this adorable Math Detective Mystery for the kids to work on and have them engaged and having fun! Click the picture below to check it out!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

End of the Year Activities: Reflections Writing Craft!

This Adorable activity has the students engaged by having them Reflect on their past school year and how they have grown and changed and also Look into their Future to"see" how they picture themselves and what great things they may be doing or achieving.They will be coloring, drawing, cutting, gluing, and writing using a fun Mirrior template to pull their "Reflections" and "Future Predictions"all together in a Super Cute Writing Craft that will become a precious keepsake their parents will want to save for sure!

Friday, May 3, 2013

End of the Year Activities HUGE APPRECIATION SALE!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Cream Cones- Engaing Earth Day Activities!

Students are engaged with fun intro lesson by observing 4 lunch sack bags that are labled with a form of common trash ( paper..etc) As each bag is poured into a large bowl, the students record and observe what is actually in each bag and learn how each of the items in the different bags represent forms of very popular trash scene around neighborhoods and along streets. The students will answer, draw, and color about their thoughts on litter and how that specific litter would affect their play ground. Students are then given an empty ice cream cone in which they will be coming around and "scooping" out some of the "trash" from the bowl, using their ice cream cones. Students will complete a writing and drawing and activity to show what the ice cream cone Actually represents in the Real Word (a trash can)

Lastly they will create an adorable craft to remind them about the lesson using colors, glue, and the templates that are also provided to creaet Beauiful EARTH CREAM CONES!!! Hmmm mmmm Engaging lesson from the start and a great way to complement any earth day activities you already use. Kids LOVE the hands on- and it is so, so easy!

CLICK the Image Above to see it in my Shop :-)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Worm Life Cycle and Learnin' Bout Worms Activities!


Have Your students completely engaged with these THREE Super activities involving studying about Worms through Art, Writing, Science, ...AND Eating!

What's Included:

Earthworm Life Cycle Mini Booklet in which the students draw, color, and complete the sentences on each page of the booklet as they learn the stages of the earthworm's Life Cycle.

Dancin' Worms Science Experiment! in which the students will follow the steps of the Scientific Method to observe Model Worms made of cooked spaghetti that dance around in a simple mixture that produced a chemical reaction to form gas bubbles- SO EASY, but AWESOME to do- Teacher Information page is included for the Science behind it and Student activities pages are included for the students to follow along step by step!

Makin' WORMY Dirt Cake in which the students will write and draw the materials needed, then follow the directions to create the delicious "Wormy" dessert. They will then make observations using their senses and then complete a "How To" writing activity that includes their own illustration of the Wormy Dirt Cake they made- So Fun!

Super Activities for Spring and the end of the Year!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Science Experiment: Bunny Toothpaste!

Easter Science- Bunny-Style!

This Bunny themed SCIENCE experiment is perfect for the Spring to add a spin on Mixing Common Household ingredients together to make an Exciting Chemical Reaction that forms a foamy tube-shaped eruption that looks like toothpaste, but (bunny-style) with its pink appearance! Also included, is a cute Bunny Face Writing Craftivity that would be a super follow-up activity to tie it all together. Teacher information sheets are provided, as well as, Student activity sheets that guide you and the students through each step of the experiment using the Scientific Method.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Teacher Bling shirts!!!

/> This cute and classy tee is unique and perfect for the Irish holiday! Make a statement by wearing one and showing your LOVE for your students! Click on picture to go to the site. Only $20 and one cent shipping!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Awesome Valentine's Day and President's Day Activities and Bling too!

Check ot some wonderful Valentine Science and Literacy Activities and President's Day Activities-not to mention a huge Sale on Teacher Bling!  Come shop and see what's new at Teacher's Notebook!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why is Teacher's Notebook THE Best Site 4 Teachers?

Teacher's Notebook is a drama free(- yes, I said it),  No hassle, No silly Pricing Rules, No Greedy Charges for listing or membership, No threatening agreements to be followed, No Cut Throat sellers trying to bully other teacher sellers because of GREED Website!!!  It is a venue that actually CARES about the profession and the students that are touched by the products sold on the site! Owned by the nicest people that only praise teacher sellers for how wonderful they are for doing what they do to touch the lives of the students by sharing and creating great products...  I appreciate TN so much for their kindness and genuine compassion about children and us teachers. 

 Other similar Venues, charge high fees and boast and brag and boast and brag all about money, money, money... infact, a recent newsletter was sent out THIS week that actually hinted to teacher sellers to NOT offer So many freebies because certain greedy sellers were complaining that too many buyers only come to the site for the freebies and never buy anything..Really?  Are you serious?  We are TEACHERS!  WE SHARE! The economy is terrible.. I just got sick to my stomach when I read this newsletter this week.  That is just taking it too far.  Now there are "rules" about what kind of Freebies you should be offering.  I don't think so..  Greed and Money is the "root to all evil" and it sounds like some of the sellers/owner are losing touch with reality and are obsessed with the push to make more and more and more money...OFF OF TEACHERS!!!   Shameful.. 

Now back to Teachers Notebook:  They are Giving Away something Super Huge, Y'all 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Martin Luther King Activities-Fun w/video clips!

This interactive set of Literacy & Art activities has the students learning about the Life Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr through viewing a video of "Martin's Big Words" (link included), engaging in Pre and Post viewing activities, completing a cut & paste sequencing activity, then moving on to the actual "I Have a Dream Speech," the students will Listen (Link included) to the actual speech while reading along(link included so you can provide copies if you choose) and also engage in Pre and Post listening activities that involve the review and then extension of the use of similes and metaphors through writing and illustrating the visions in their heads. A concluding writing activity is also included that has the students write whether or not they think Dr. King's Dream has come true. I have included a full Teacher information page that gives you an outline of how I conduct this lesson to make it EASY on you and hopefully give you ideas on how you can incorporate this Super Mini lesson into your daily activities whether it be for Black History month or in observance of MLK's Birthday. I love lessons that involve the easy use of technology like this~very engaging!

Martin' s Big Words book!