Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Cream Cones- Engaing Earth Day Activities!

Students are engaged with fun intro lesson by observing 4 lunch sack bags that are labled with a form of common trash ( paper..etc) As each bag is poured into a large bowl, the students record and observe what is actually in each bag and learn how each of the items in the different bags represent forms of very popular trash scene around neighborhoods and along streets. The students will answer, draw, and color about their thoughts on litter and how that specific litter would affect their play ground. Students are then given an empty ice cream cone in which they will be coming around and "scooping" out some of the "trash" from the bowl, using their ice cream cones. Students will complete a writing and drawing and activity to show what the ice cream cone Actually represents in the Real Word (a trash can)

Lastly they will create an adorable craft to remind them about the lesson using colors, glue, and the templates that are also provided to creaet Beauiful EARTH CREAM CONES!!! Hmmm mmmm Engaging lesson from the start and a great way to complement any earth day activities you already use. Kids LOVE the hands on- and it is so, so easy!

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