Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Teacher Spectacular Sale!

Spectacular summer super sale on all Engaging Lessons Teacing materials!
Everything is Only thirty cents! There are adorable math, science, literacy, and character
Ed materials for Elem and Middle school!!! Check it out!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Super Science Bundles 4 .30 cents!!!

Only thirty cents for these awesome science bundles on several different subjects! Lots of activities and printables!!!
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th of July Math Activities!

This adorable July 4th themed Math Money Activity has the student view the price of each firecracker for sale, cut out out the correct amount of coins, and glue them next to each firecracker picture...very engaging and great practice for counting money...Let's Go Shopping!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Middle School Back to School Activities

This is so totally perfect for middle schoolers!!! You have them predict what their "MASH future" will be first, then have them play the game..afterwards, they will write and illustrate about their results! You can post them around the room or have them share! My kids love this activity!

This Too COOL Middle School Back to School Set includes Awesome 1st day or 1st week activities fit just FINE for a Middle Schooler!
Bundle Inlcudes:
  • My Bio-Glyph
  • Middle School Back to School Tips Activity
  • Middle School Back to School Tips Fun!
  • All About Me Sheet Activity
  • Back To School M.A.S.H. Game Fun!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hmm..... Got our schedule for next year..

We got an update from our principal today with SIX different schedules we will be using next year at our middle school???!!!  After looking them over, I decided I wouldn't even try to figure them out..There are alot of changes for next year..we lost several teachers to the budget cuts, we lost our librarian, our nurse, and just found out we lost one of our AP's...ugh..I am committed to staying postive though!  I have a middle school aged precious daughter that I want to have the BEST year yet, so I am going to try really hard to only share with her the good stuff!  I am deeply concerned though about the class sizes we are facing next year..Currently, it will be right at 40!  And we such tiny classrooms as it is...gonna pray, pray, pray that we can somehow manage these darling kiddos in such large numbers :))  Just thankful for my job..everything else I will just deal with and do the best I can for the kids!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Gene Monster! It's All in the Genes

This is a Fabulous activity to do as a follow up or intro to a study about inheriting Dominant & Recessive Genes!  The students are introduced to Both types of genes in a VERY SIMPLE fashion to make it SO easy to comprehend, then will "build" their Gene Monster based on the results of flipping a penny for each trait of the Monster!!! TOOOOO Fun!!!! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

4th of July Math, Science, & Literacy Fun!!!

This mini Unit includes a Math Mystery Phrase activity, an Underwater Fireworks Science Experiment with a teacher page & student lab sheet page, a Star Spangled Banner Lyric sequencing activity, an informational interactive page all about July 4th and Independence Day AND MORE!!! Too Cute!

Kid's Summer Daily Journal !

Includes 40 different writing prompts to help kids wrte a little each day of the summer!  Set toa sweet summer theme and maks for a wonderful momento for them to read later :)  Awwesome activity!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

End of the Year Middle School Science Activity!

This Patriotic Science Activity is just toooo cool!  It is so very easy to set up and complete, but very engaging!  The student will investigate three liquids of different densities to create a spectacular 4th of July display..teacher page and student page included! Easy and Fun!

Finding Nemo: Complete Science & Literacy Movie Activities:

Back to the Beach .30 Cent Sale!!!

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Let's Go Camping:

Math Detectives: Mystery of the Crazy Camping Adventure:

Bubbles, Bubbles Thematic Unit: ?affiliate_id=122511

Popsicle Writing Fun! :

Watermelon Words:

Strawberry Day Math & Literacy Fun!:

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Math Detectives: Mystery of the Missing Friends Pool Party Adventure! Activity

This Super Splashing Math Mystery has the student solve a series of Summer themed Math Word Problems in order to solve the Mystery!  Great activity that involves Math & Literacy...AND SUMMER!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Middle School Science Super Bundle of Activities!!!

Only .50 cents for all 5 units!

This awesome set of Science Mini Units includes:
Body Systems Fun!
Oh My STARS! A stars Mini Unit
Cells Lesson Activity Pack ( includes a Ppt, too!)
What Makes it a Fish? Mini Unit
Food Chain & Food Web Lesson Activity Pack (includes a Ppt, too!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HomeSchool Summer Packet!

Only .75 cents at currclick and is a TOP SELLER!  Has over 70 printables and enough activities to get the kids busy each day of the summer :)

An Activity a Day Keeps the Boredom Away!:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ice Cream Art and Literacy Activity!

The kids will enjoy creating their own ice cream sundae recipe in which they will list ingredients, step by step recipe instructions, illustration, and an adorable ice cream glyph activity!  Tooooo Cooool!!!

Only .75 cents!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The last kid walked out and Now I have a huge lump in my throat :(

It seems like the longer I have been teaching, the more emotional I get on the last day of school.  I teach middle school for Heaven's sake..why am I not cheering them on out my door?  Ugh, I hate this empty feeling I have as I look at my empty classroom where my kids have sat for 187 days... 

I Love my job..I love making the kids happy when they are in my room..making them laugh, and being silly with them....I guess it is those relationships that I build over the year that have left me feeling so sad right now..Does anyone else feel this way right now???? 

My only child, my PRECIOUS girl, is now done with her 7th grade year..It has been complete BLISS having her at school with me each day.  I think some of my sadness is the fact that my daughter is growing up and has reached another stepping stone...That alone hurts so much on the inside, that if I speak it out loud I can barely talk without crying.  I need prayers ya'll, to help me through this time and to be strong and accept her moving on as a beautiful young lady...what can I say, she is my WORLD!!!!

I so thankful for my job and my sweet little family..  Hope everyone has a wonderful and well rested summer. You deserve it!!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nature Scavenger Hunt Bingo Activity!

End of the Year Activity as well as great for summer!  Only .75 cents!!

Let's Go Camping Unit! Packed full of Activities!

This over 100 page unit is PACKED full of hands on activities to keep your students busy and engaged with these fun and adorable "camping characters" and forest animals!
Only .75 cents!  Huge Deal!