Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Science STEM Activities for FREE


I am so excited to share some really great Spring and Easter, as well as , end of the year, type of activities that will help add some fun engagement to you classroom! 

Recently, (this entire school year) haha!  I have fallen  more and more in LOVE with S.T.E.M. science activities!  All you need for a Stem activity is a purpose or question, a time to design and brainstorm, a time for creating or building the design and staying within the constraints (if the teacher has set any boundaries) and a to reflect.!  S.T.E.M. is an opened discovery activity where whatever the students come up, with is OK!  It is about taking risks and trying new ideas- I can go on forever!

The fun part for the teacher is coming up with several challenges, (I would say at least two a month) that allow their students to explore and create! 

To make that EASY on you, I have been in the process of creating S.T.E.M. activities out of my ears!  All of my activities have a structure to them so that the students know what steps to take in each facet of the exploration process and the teacher know what materials need to be provided and what to expect among the student's finished projects.  Most importantly, there is a specific reflection sheet to help YOU, the teacher have meaningful discussion with your students once the projects are complete.  But keep in mind that a S.TE.M activity can always be redone in a better way, by adding different materials or trying new designs, so always be willing to let them take risks and explore!

Here are some FREE S.T.E.M. Activities that you can find by going to my "FREEBIE" Pinterest board!