Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of the Year Science Activities! Elementary & Middle School

I have some very unique and super fun activities that are on SALE

This Patriotic Science Activity is just toooo cool!  It is so very easy to set up and complete, but very engaging!  The student will investigate three liquids of different densities to create a spectacular 4th of July display..teacher page and student page included! Easy and Fun!

Science Made 4 Middle School Vol 1:  http://www.teacherebooksnow.com/downloads/science-made-4-middle-school-vol-1.html?affId=104115

My End of the Year Science Book:  http://www.teacherebooksnow.com/downloads/my-science-end-of-the-year-book.html?affId=104115

Bubbles, Bubbles Thematic Unit!:  http://www.teacherebooksnow.com/downloads/bubbles-bubbles-thematic-unit.html?affId=104115

Finding Nemo Complete Science & Literacy Movie Activity Pack!

Weird Animals! Science Activity Fun!
How FUN is it to study and learn about things that are just plain WEIRD?!? This activity pack comes with great descriptions on 5 of the World's Super Weird Animals and various science, art and literacy activities that go hand and hand to make for a wonderfully intriguing study for the students! Also included is a complete Feeding Adaptation Science Experiment that follows the steps of the scientific method while allowing the students to explore and engage in how it feels to feed with various adaptations!

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