Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hmm..... Got our schedule for next year..

We got an update from our principal today with SIX different schedules we will be using next year at our middle school???!!!  After looking them over, I decided I wouldn't even try to figure them out..There are alot of changes for next year..we lost several teachers to the budget cuts, we lost our librarian, our nurse, and just found out we lost one of our AP's...ugh..I am committed to staying postive though!  I have a middle school aged precious daughter that I want to have the BEST year yet, so I am going to try really hard to only share with her the good stuff!  I am deeply concerned though about the class sizes we are facing next year..Currently, it will be right at 40!  And we such tiny classrooms as it is...gonna pray, pray, pray that we can somehow manage these darling kiddos in such large numbers :))  Just thankful for my job..everything else I will just deal with and do the best I can for the kids!

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