Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to School Elementary Activities

This fun name glyph activity is perfect for back to school time for either elementary or middle school grades!  The students will create and decorate each letter of their name based on a variety of school themed likes.  This set also comes with pre-made letters if you would rather the students decorate the letters, cut, and then paste them on construction paper..too fun!

This is a 12 page Mini Book the students will create by completing sentences, drawing, coloring, and answering questions all pertaining to their likes, dislikes, and favorites! Just perrrfect for that first day or week of school!

This cute little activity has the student decorate and fill in the boxes on the jersey with "all about me" themed answers! Great for back to school or even the first day! Easily suitable for elem. or middle school.

This fun math activity has the student look at the prices of various "back to school" items and decide which coins would at up to how much each item costs.  They will then cut the coins out and glue them beside each picture..awesome money practice and super cute!

This is a Great Activity to have the students complete that first day or week of school! The student will create an adorable "self portrait glyph" based on their likes, dislikes, and favorites all about themelves with a back to school theme! It serves as a Wonderful wall display for open house, as well as, a way for the students to get to know each other!

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