Monday, August 1, 2011

Have your OWN Shark Week with this Great Bundle for .30 cents!
It's time for SHARK WEEK!  So have your OWN!  This Bundle has TWO mini units inlcuded: All About Sharks & What Makes it a Fish?  (These units can also be purchased separately).
What's inlcuded:
  • This Shark Science & Literacy Unit explores the world of sharks by going through their adaptations, 6 of the most common types of Sharks, 10 most popular Fact/Fiction, a Shark Attack Graphing Activity, Shark Word Scramble, and a Shark story starter!  Super Shark Fun!

  • This Mini study, What Makes it a Fish includes activities on how to determine whether an animal is a true "fish", Fish diagram labeling Activity, a Salt Water/Fresh Water Cut & Glue Activity, A "Create a Fish" Art and Writing Activity, and a Math "Fish in the Boat" Dice Game, and an Ichthyologist Word Activity!!!  Great activities!

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