Saturday, March 30, 2013

Worm Life Cycle and Learnin' Bout Worms Activities!


Have Your students completely engaged with these THREE Super activities involving studying about Worms through Art, Writing, Science, ...AND Eating!

What's Included:

Earthworm Life Cycle Mini Booklet in which the students draw, color, and complete the sentences on each page of the booklet as they learn the stages of the earthworm's Life Cycle.

Dancin' Worms Science Experiment! in which the students will follow the steps of the Scientific Method to observe Model Worms made of cooked spaghetti that dance around in a simple mixture that produced a chemical reaction to form gas bubbles- SO EASY, but AWESOME to do- Teacher Information page is included for the Science behind it and Student activities pages are included for the students to follow along step by step!

Makin' WORMY Dirt Cake in which the students will write and draw the materials needed, then follow the directions to create the delicious "Wormy" dessert. They will then make observations using their senses and then complete a "How To" writing activity that includes their own illustration of the Wormy Dirt Cake they made- So Fun!

Super Activities for Spring and the end of the Year!

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