Tuesday, December 1, 2015

FREE Super Bowl- Football Activities

I am a HUGE Football Fanatic!  I am from Texas, so Football is HUGE here!  Unfortunately my daughter's High School Football team just lost out in their 2nd run in the Texas High School State Playoffs this past weekend and it was heartbreaking (She is a Senior and so everything is our "last" this year)  Even her big firefighter Dad was Crying when he saw his baby girl out on the field during the Last playing of the school song with all of the football boys (her sweet friends, and my precious students that are all grown up now-*** lump in my throat-***

Anyway, enough about me, I found some awesome printables you can use to incorporate the Super Bowl or Football in general into your classroom!  It is the ne way I was able to truly build relationships with my boy students.  Haha!  They love to talk about football and having a teacher that can relate, makes it even better for everyone!

Football Printables

Look, even a Super Bowl Ring to color, haha!  LOVE IT!!!!

I saw this and fell in LOVE because I say this ALL the time!  Don't you?  Motivate those kids with this awesome Vinyl Sign for a great Visual for your kids to look at!


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