Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TeacherSherpa the Netflix for Teaching Resources

Hello All!

I was recently was introduced to a BRAND NEW Teacher Market Place where teachers can register and get 2 downloads a month, or become a premium member (like signing up for Netflix), and get unlimited downloads of QUALITY Teacher Created Materials!  What?  How is that possible?

TeacherSherpa has a unique blend of content contributors that want to SHARE their teaching resources with YOU!  Isn't that what teachers do? SHARE?  That is what I do and it is much more logical to register and get whatever resource you might need for FREE, instead of Paying for each resource separately at a time.  You will come out ahead the first week you are a member because there are THAT many good resources on TeacherSherpa!

It can't hurt to check it out and at least register to get your 2 downloads a month and see if you like it.  NO CREDIT CARDS NEEDED!

Here is a link to the Netflix of Teacher Created Resources: Click Here

             Just added today: Valentine Mad Libs....FREE (Did I mention that you can PREVIEW EVERY SINGLE PAGE before downloading!!!!!  Yep!

This is FREE: 

If you get a chance, hop on over to TeacherSherpa and see how great it is for yourself!


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