Thursday, June 2, 2011

The last kid walked out and Now I have a huge lump in my throat :(

It seems like the longer I have been teaching, the more emotional I get on the last day of school.  I teach middle school for Heaven's sake..why am I not cheering them on out my door?  Ugh, I hate this empty feeling I have as I look at my empty classroom where my kids have sat for 187 days... 

I Love my job..I love making the kids happy when they are in my room..making them laugh, and being silly with them....I guess it is those relationships that I build over the year that have left me feeling so sad right now..Does anyone else feel this way right now???? 

My only child, my PRECIOUS girl, is now done with her 7th grade year..It has been complete BLISS having her at school with me each day.  I think some of my sadness is the fact that my daughter is growing up and has reached another stepping stone...That alone hurts so much on the inside, that if I speak it out loud I can barely talk without crying.  I need prayers ya'll, to help me through this time and to be strong and accept her moving on as a beautiful young lady...what can I say, she is my WORLD!!!!

I so thankful for my job and my sweet little family..  Hope everyone has a wonderful and well rested summer. You deserve it!!!


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  1. u are such a sugar heart... those kids are so lucky to have a teacher like you.