Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to Homeschool Math & Literacy Fun!

 Get Back to Homeschool with Great Curriculum to get the kids in the learning mode with creative activities you all will enjoy!  This newly added unit is awesome for doing just that!  As you can read below, it comes with a variety of creative and engaging activities in Math & Literacy to help get the students thinking and their creative juices flowing!

.30 Cents!

This Back to Homeschool activity set is packed full of both Math & Literacy creative and fun lessons  that are set around a "Back to HOMESCHOOL" theme with topics that include:
•"We Are All Pieced Together" Puzzle activity
 •"Back to Homeschool Quilt" literacy & art fun
•  Back to Homeschool Math shopping word problems
  •Back to Homeschool ABC Order
•Thoughts for a New Year of Homeschool brainstorming
•US weekly About Me Magazine activity
•Homeschool Math Journal Problems
•Biopoem Literacy & Art activity
•Mixed up Names Fun
 •Back to Homeschool :My History Activity

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  1. Thanks -- this looks great! I'm new to your blog... following you now!